Hima Accounting


The Accounting Student Association, or more commonly called the HIMA Accounting, is an institutional organization to oversee Accounting and Taxation Students. HIMA Accounting moves and progresses in the academic field for students who are superior in accordance with the vision and mission of Muhammadiyah University Prof. Dr. Hamka, which is to produce graduates who excel in spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social intelligence.

HIMA Accounting is also a place for all students of Accounting and Taxation who have the willingness and ability to organize to channel their talents and accommodate student aspirations so that student idealism is realized based on Muhammadiyah Higher Education Chess Dharma.

The activities held by HIMA Accounting are activities related to scientific disciplines taught in Accounting and Taxation study programs, and the formation of a humanist, socialist, and religious leadership spirit. It is expected that these activities can improve students’ skills and student soft skills.


“The realization of the Intellectual, Emotional, and Social Student Association, in the Framework of Realizing Quality Accounting and Taxation Students Based on the Qur’an and Sunnah.”


  1. Making Accounting and Taxation students excel both academically and personality.
  2. Making HIMA Accounting as a place of aspiration and building communication between Accounting and Taxation students with alumni.
  3. Making Accounting and Taxation students competent and skilled in the field of accounting software.


1. Field of Organization

The tasks and functions of the organizational field are to oversee and monitor the orderly organization of the organization, contribute to each work program that has been established, maintain the integrity of the HIMA Accounting. As well as consolidating between executive institutions in managing the creation of organizational stability.

2. Cadre Field

The task and function of the cadre field is to create superior and character cadres, especially students of Accounting and Taxation. As well as a forum in the process of planting ideology for future HIMA Accounting organizational management candidates.

3. Scientific field

The duties and functions of the scientific field are as a means of creating intellectual and broad-minded students and providing opportunities for students to contribute in expressing opinions. As well as improving academic quality for administrators of the Student Association and students of Accounting and Taxation.

4. Information and Communication Sector

The duties and functions of the Communication and Information sector are as a place and place to establish communication and disseminate important information through information and communication media to the external and internal scope, so as to create good relations between students, especially Accounting and Taxation FEB UHAMKA with Accounting HIMA.

Field Work Referrals

1. Field of Organization

  • Guard and supervise the orderly running of the organization and consolidate between executive institutions in managing the creation of organizational stability so that there is no confrontation that can damage family harmony.
  • Participate in and assist the Daily Management Board in controlling and maintaining the integrity of the management from the beginning of the period to the end of the period, as well as contributing to each work program.
  • Establish good relations between administrators and students and improve the monitoring function of participation for UHAMKA FEB students in every activity held.

2. Cadre Field

  • Providing debriefing and training to create an intellectual and competent and quality cadre.
  • Making Accounting and Taxation students as activists and leaders who are solidarity, loyalty, credibility, and totality.
  • Able to maintain the best cadres who will continue the next leadership relay to create leadership that can straighten things that are lacking in the management of previous periods.

3. Scientific field

  • Explore and enhance the academic potential of Accounting and Taxation students.
  • Encouraging the creation of intellectual students, providing a forum for creative students and expressing their ideas.
  • Develop soft skills (accounting software) for Accounting and Taxation students.

4. Information and Communication Sector

  • Helping and facilitating HIMA Accounting to obtain information both from internal and external as well as broaden the knowledge horizons for students of Accounting and Taxation.
  • Making big names HIMA Accounting becomes more existent and known in free circles so that many relationships can be established.
  • Establish relationships and friendship with organizational institutions in the external environment and internal FEB KM UHAMKA.