Hima Islamic Economics

HIMA UHAMKA Islamic Economics is a faculty level student organization at the UHAMKA Faculty of Economics and Business. HIMA UHAMKA Islamic Economics has the authority to carry out executive functions in the UHAMKA FEB Student Family organization. HIMA UHAMKA Islamic Economics represents Islamic Economics Study Program students in carrying out the aspirations of Islamic Economics Study Program students in a work program, both external and internal. HIMA Islamic Economics organizes activities that can improve the kinship between students of Islamic Economics Study Program.

Field of Organization

Is an organizational field in the Islamic Economics HIMA which regulates and organizes internal and external activities and cadre.

Field of Student Resource Development

The duties and functions of the Student Resource Development Field are as facilitators and facilitate students in Islamic economic study programs that create quality, innovative, and creative human resources in the academic field.

Communication and Information

The duties and functions of the Communication and Information Field as the Communication and Information Field are as a means to accommodate the aspirations and creativity possessed by Islamic Economics students in the academic and non-academic fields. In addition, the Communication and Information field is part of the face or outer surface in an organization whose job is to deliver and receive information and introduction about the organization to internal and external parties of the FEB UHAMKA campus.

Field Work Direction

Field of Organization

  • Running the cadre process.
  • Maintain the integrity of HIMA Islamic Economy.
  • Preparing successors for the management of Islamic Economics HIMA.

PSDM Sector

  • Facilitate aspirations and facilitate students of Islamic Economics related to the academic field.
  • Forming students of Islamic Economics study programs have quality, innovative and creativity in the academic field.
  • Preparing students of Islamic Economics study programs so that they have high competitiveness through competitions

Communication and Information

  • Providing information knowledge and broad insight to students about Islamic Economics.
  • Provide opportunities for students to channel their aspirations and creativity.
  • Provides information on current issues and activities of HIMA Islamic Economics.
  • Establish good communication between fellow students internally and externally in the FEB UHAMKA campus