Hima Management



Making HIMA UHAMKA Management a contributive organization in developing the potential and quality of students by supporting high solidarity, loyalty, and morality


• Contribute as a container for and channeling the aspirations of management students
• Also playing a role in strengthening solidarity and kinship among HIMA members, Students, Alumni, and the Academic Management of UHAMKA
• Carry out educational and profitable activities for UHAMKA Management Students
• Become a trespasser across information and knowledge that can be useful for UHAMKA Management Students

Field I (Organization)

The tasks and functions of the organizational field are to control every activity in HIMA Management and manage internal conditions in each field. And prepare the successors of quality HIMA Management.

Field II (PSDM)

1. Guiding Management students about academic mastery
2. Distributing infrastructure for the self-development of Manajamen students
3. Developing management knowledge for Management students to be able to face competition today and in the future.
4. Motivating students to have entrepreneurial spirit
5. Contain noble ambitions for Management students.

Field III (Communication and Information)

1. As a provider of various information about student affairs for Management students
2. Publish HIMA Management events and activities to the general public
3. Providing a means of communication between HIMA Management and other parties through Social Media