Student Representative Council

Student Representative Council

Realizing UHAMKA DPM FEB which is Progressive, Transparent and Aspirative

1. Optimizing internal functions and performance of DPM FEB UHAMKA
2. Build active communication and closeness with internal and external DPM FEB UHAMKA.
3. Active in guarding the policies and performance of executive institutions of the FEB UHAMKA students.
4. Periodically active in carrying out transparency both in policies and in the flow of funds.
5. Opening a good communication path to all levels of students as a media to capture, provide solutions, and oversee student aspirations actively and responsibly.

Commission 1 (Organization and Supervision)
1. Establishing good relations between institutions, board administrators, UHAMKA FEB students and leaders.
2. The task is to supervise and oversee the performance of the executive institutions (BEM FEB, Hima Akuntansi, Hima Manajemen, and Hima Islamic Economics).
3. Maintain internal stability DPM FEB UHAMKA.
4. Assess and provide evaluations for each executive institution at FEB UHAMKA.
5. Creating a time table for each executive institution’s activities to be in harmony and not clash with each other. Maintain internal stability DPM FEB UHAMKA.
6. Together with executives, form a pattern of cadre that is effective and integrative.

Commission 2 (Legislation)
1. Make FEB KM UHAMKA rules.
2. Review the AD / ART guidelines or policies contained in FEB KM UHAMKA.
3. Review and authorize legal products Laws of Procedure for Assessment (Protap) Law of FEB KM UHAMKA

Commission 3 (Finance)
1. The Finance Commission is in charge and responsible for the creation of an orderly financial organization and management of the wealth of FEB KM UHAMKA.
2. The Finance Commission is in charge and responsible for the financial management of the FEB KM UHAMKA institution.
3. The Finance Commission is in charge and responsible for transparency of the financial use of the FEB KM UHAMKA institution to UHAMKA FEB students.

• Commission 4 (Advocacy and Public Relations)
1. Accommodate and convey all the aspirations conveyed by all UHAMKA FEB students.
2. Become a mediator between FEB UHAMKA students and the academic community of the FEB UHAMKA campus.
3. Establish internal relations with all FEB KM UHAMKA institutions.
4. Establish good cooperation and communication with all FEB KM UHAMKA institutions, especially in the field of Communication and Information of each institution.
5. Deliver information related to the results of aspirations to students.
6. Cooperating with executives in forming PMTK FEB (FEB Class Student Representative) to channel information.